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Getting married is always a big deal, not just for the future spouses but for their friends and family as well. People want that day to be memorable and romantic, and they go to great lengths to ensure that the setting, music, and their wedding vows are memorable and touching. Some, on the other hand, are ready to travel the world in order to have a perfect wedding. We give you a list of reasons why people choose to get married in Paris, the City of Light and a safe haven for all romantics.
Long-lasting love
Paris is not only known as the City of Light, but also as the city of Love and Romance, which is why over the years people have been visiting, proposing, and getting married there. Since the 19th century the streets of Paris have been lit and even though today it’s not such a big deal, people love the fact that the city has always been the embodiment of luxury and style. Even when the country was going through hard times, people refused to let go of their style and elegance. When gasoline was scarce, young couples would rent a bicycle taxi and go to great lengths to decorate it beautifully so that it would look great on their wedding photos. This sense of style and love for luxury and elegance stayed in the city and its people over the years and is still strong today.
Châteaux to die for
Paris offers young couples an amazing opportunity to get married in beautiful castles that are hundreds of years old, but which are still the epitomes of elegance. Being the only château-hotel in Paris, Saint James proudly wears its neoclassical façade and gives the guests a chance to wander through beautiful gardens. What is more, no two rooms inside are the same, and people will be amazed to discover splashes of eccentricity and amazing colour palettes at every turn. On the other hand, Château d’Esclimont that’s located in the heart of the Loire Valley, just an hour’s ride from the city, the stunning Château d’Esclimont is the embodiment of regality. It even has its very own moat! More than 500 years old, the estate will give you a feeling that you’re a true part of old-world French society.
Pretty parks
For people who want to feel closer to Mother Nature, Paris has a lot to offer. Sweet little stone bridges like the ones you can see in the middle of gorgeous gardens of Parc Monceau take people’s breaths away. This place resembles a secret garden, and wedding photos taken here look like the newlyweds were truly hiding in a fairy tale. On the other hand, Musée Rodin also gives people a chance to hide in the heart of the city and get married while being surrounded by Rodin sculptures. If you want a touch of exotic, you can pick one of the four botanical gardens of Paris that have areas decorated like Chinese pagodas, caves, waterfalls, thousands of different roses, and ancient trees.
Hip hotels
For couples who want to use the convenience of a luxury hotel, Hotel Plaza Athénée is a wonderful solution. It has its own wine cellar as well as a spacious courtyard, but what is more, it also has multiple ballrooms which will make your wedding reception unforgettable. This hotel is located in the very heart of Paris and can host up to 200 guests. For those who want to feel like the blanket of luxury is wrapped around them tightly, Hotel Salomon de Rothschild, located just a few steps from the Champs-Élysées, is the best choice.
Picturesque details
No matter where you decide to get married, you should make an effort to visit a few of the most romantic places for your wedding photo shoot. A photo of the two of you in front of the Eifel Tower is a must, as well as at Mur des “Je t’aime” (The Wall of Love), with more than 300 written declarations of love in 250 different languages. Make sure your photographers use high quality photography equipment, especially if you’re planning on having a romantic sunset photo shoot and you want to capture that magical evening atmosphere with a lot of city lights. After all, you really want the photographer to capture the light in the City of Light, don’t you?
Reasons why to get married here
We can’t even begin to list all the reasons why you should get married here because there are so many, but we will gladly point out some of the most popular ones among happy couples. Not only is Paris an extremely attractive city with a lot of things to see and do, but it’s wonderfully organized and well-connected which makes it easy for tourists to navigate through it and reach their destinations safely. In addition to this, French gastronomy is famous across the world, and in Paris, you can enjoy meals that are both delicious and beautiful. In addition to this, Paris is also incredibly eco-friendly and hosts a lot of ‘green’ events.If you’re planning on getting married in Paris, you should know that it will take a lot of time and hard work, but it will be worth it. Being able to get married in the place of your dreams is a beautiful thing and you will remember this day forever. Start on time but try to be flexible and accept that things aren’t always going to go according to your plans. On the other hand, when you’re getting married in the City of Light, small compromises and sacrifices are worth making.
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