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People over 50 years of age who watch TV over three and a half hours a day have a greater risk of weakening their memory, this is not we are saying. This statement comes after a recently concluded study.

This study was conducted on more than 3,600 people. According to the study, the ability to memorize words by watching more television serial, documentary and reality shows is less than 10 percent.

Researchers claim that stress increases due to excessive interest in your favourite shows, which in turn decreases the memory. Apart from this the study also claims that when people sit in front of the TV for hours they get away from physical activity due to which they start getting sluggish.

This study was done by Dr Daisy Fencourt, Associate Professor of the Department of Behavioral Science and Health, London University of Studies. According to the study watching TV over the age of 50 increases the risk of dementia.

The researchers at universities examined about 3,600 people with more than 50 years of age and all the people involved in the study were asked how many hours they watched TV in a day from 2008 to 2009 and 2014 to 2015.

After assessment of all the answers, the researchers have revealed that memory of those who watch more than 3.5 hours of TV in a day has shown a decrease in their memory within 6 years.

At the same time, Dr Bob Petton, Professor of Clinical Psychology at the University of Surrey, claims that changes in the brain structures of people’s brain changes by watching TV. Especially those things are important to remember.

Dr Bob Petton also told that it has not been clear whether a program influences the minds of the people or not.

On the basis of the study, it can be said that people over 50 years who watch television for more than 3.5 hours have a bad effect on their mind. Therefore these people should balance in TV and other physical activity.

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