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There have been times when we open the closet, gaze at the clothes, sit and wonder what to wear for the day? Be it for home, college, party or weddings, “what to wear?” has been the question grumbling inside the head. Having a huge collection of clothes inside the wardrobe still makes you feel like “nothing!”. Long Anarkali suit are all time outfit that befits every occasion.Consider a closet full of trendy salwar suits, Anarkali suits, and Patiala suits; we bet you won’t have enough of it so quickly. It’s hard to resist such clothes when you have ample variety to embrace.Designed Anarkali suits give you the feel of a wholesome attire with the ease to put on and fix dupatta. Sturdy and easily managed, Anarkali suits have set some serious attire goals that you will drool over and over.

1. Pink Chiffon Anarkali Suits Online

It’s easy to say women like pink and why not? Pink is love! Women know how to create room for pink attires. It is one of the colors that feel feminist as well as looks blushy.

Chiffon suits give regular suits a considerable amount of change by adding a layer of designed chiffon above the plain base. Another reason to love traditional outfits is by accessorizing neck and ears with conventional chandeliers and neck piece.

2. Chanderi Anarkali Suits Online

Chanderi recently became favorite and has been introduced into many attires for its traditional appeal. Not only do chanderi gives volume to the suit but also remains lighter in weight and super comfortable to carry. For small get-togethers, chanderi suits are perfect. Available in vibrant colors, it becomes hard to select just one out of the rest.

3. Angrakha Anarkali Suits Online

The historical effect of Angrakha rules today’s fashion attires. Being a traditional outfit during the Mughal era, angrakha was considered royal and elegant. It is not gendered specific, acceptable by both males and females. Angrakha was a beautiful melange of tradition and fashion making it a unique attire to cuddle.

4. Silk Anarkali Suits Online

The amount of grace and shine, no other fabric can offer what silk can. The refine fabric with colorful embroidery creates an attire which makes hard to wait for being put on. Seamless borders and lust-worthy silhouettes are some specifications which make this beautiful Anarkali suit a must-have.

5. Tie and Dye Anarkali Suits Online

Tie and dye is a veteran style of designing by tying the small knots all over the cloth and dipping into the tub of color, the related part remains uncolored and thus forms a design. Commonly known as “Bandhej” a typical Rajasthani fashion ranging from pagris to sarees to salwar suits to dupatta, bandhej has created an image of all wear attires from almost all kinds of fabrics. Easy to do, tying the part to refrain from soaking color was unimaginably a big game changer in the world of fashion.

Anarkalis designed with bandhej looks so historic that the popularity is self-spoken.

6. Ankle Length Anarkali Suits Online

Moving a step back from the floor length Anarkalis, the little difference from floor length Anarkalis is the ankle length Anarkalis. They have a different aura to mesmerize the audience. Not only with the bright shades but flair also plays a big part in attracting the eyes. A little window of showing off those breathtaking high heels and ankle charms.

7. Indo-Western Anarkali Suits Online

Tradition has its way of saying “ keep calm and grab me” whereas the indo-western fusion has a way of saying “ keep calm and wear me”. Breaking all rules of an Indian attire with simplicity and grace, indo-western Anarkali tunic has done just the same amount of justice.

Colorful textures and undeniable cuts with a collar neck for extra grace. This collection is an excellent replacement for great western outfits. A must-have piece of cloth for frequent outings and get together.

8. Heavy Anarkali Suits Online

The most important part of the attire is party wear attires, one choice to make between hundreds of clothes. Tough right? A single piece of the suit to impress the ones looking at you is not a bad deal at all. Looking at all possibilities, this shiny ultimate choice of many Anarkali Suit will rule hearts and minds.

9. White Anarkali Suits Online

No wonder white is the evergreen color which fills color to every attire. The base of white and a colorful embroidery marks a unique fashion statement.

The overflow of tradition and a fashion sense in this attire is worth to have. Floor length to increase the look from tip to toe. Irresistible right?

10. Yellow Lehariya

After bandhej another style of designing that ruled the Rajasthani markets was the lehariya style. The colorful lines over the colored fabric. Multicolors or single colors, lehariya also has some excellent effects on the onlookers. Pleasing to the eyes and soothing to display, a deadly combo yet the best.

Anarkali suits have a distant lust to allure the audience with their heavy and in-demand nature. Ombre textures and different fabrics to mix and match the needs with the taste of fashion.

If you have one of these Anarkali suits, please let us know in the comments below and don’t forget to mention the shade. For more Anarkali updates and recent trends, keep reading this space.

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