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Are you also troubled by obesity and are trying to lose weight? If so, you are not alone. Start your weight reduction plan by just going on a morning walk as in the beginning, this is the best way to lose weight. In today’s busy life people do not have time to go to the gym but can definitely take out 15 minutes or half an hour to go on a walk at any time of the day. Follow these tricks while walking to get best results:

Change the speed of walking
Many studies have proved that calorie burns as you walk. According to the Ohio State University study, by changing your walking speed periodically you can burn more calories. According to the study, changing the pace of walking, metabolism works 20% better. Go for a long walk once a week.

Go for a Day Walk
Most of us work out at a set time. Try to run more and more throughout the day to quickly lose weight. Please include a 15-20 minute walk in your routine. Whenever you feel stress and pressure, then do the walk.

Move more to sloping places
More calories burn when you climb. So find a place near you like stairs and walk the same for better results. You can burn 30 percent more calories this way. Also, walking this way will strengthen both muscles and metabolism.

Create Goals
Define your goal to keep yourself motivated. Try to walk more and more throughout the day. The more you run, the more weight you can lose. Stay away from stress invariably.

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