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Diabetes is a very common disease. It has affected many people all over the world. A person who has diabetes faces many problems in day to day life. A person having diabetes should take special care of their diet, weight, sugar level or else their blood sugar level will rise and cause a huge problem.

If someone is suffering from diabetes they could also bump into following skin diseases:

This disease affects overweight people. It appears in skin folds. In such type of disease, brown raised areas to appear on the skin of the neck, armpits, arms, legs, and elbows too can be affected by this skin disease. You need to lose weight and apply creams prescribed by the doctors.

Dark and scaly patches appear on the skin in this disease. It might be oval or circular in shape. It could appear on the leg too. This is harmless and doesn’t need any treatment. If you have such skin problem, you don’t need to worry so much.

The patches on the skin are few but deep and large. These are very painful. It can be itchy.

It is a rare thing. It appears as blisters. It doesn’t cause redness in the skin and is harmless but may leave marks.

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