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Are you thinking about getting a watercolour tattoo, but not sure, how long would they last and how would they look? Well if these are your concern, you are at right page because here in this post, we are going to talk about all the important things related to watercolour tattoo.
Contemporary tattoo artists are getting more creative than ever, and the watercolour tattoos are one aspect of their creativity. Those aesthetical designs resemble a watercolour painting. Renowned watercolour tattoo artists make use of bright colours and abstract inspirations to create such type of tattoo. It is easy to identify the watercolour style in the tattoo as it looks like a watercolour painting. The use of those soft, subtle shades is what makes them look different from the traditional ones.
Those strokes and drips remind one of the characteristic styles in a watercolour painting. Nature, flowers and geometric shapes inspire the most famous imagery and designs. These tattoos do not need any special tools or ink. What differ here are the artistic skills, the effects, and the designs as these tattoo artists rely blurring, fading, colour bleeding, shading and splattering to get the water colour effect.
The reality about all kind of tattoos is that they will fade with time. The outlines will get blurred, and the inks will fade away. Thus, no matter if it is a watercolour tattoo or any other, any tattoo is going to get less sharp with time and would become muddy. However, there are different aspects which can make your tattoo look new for longer time. The condition of the skin, the type of ink used, and aftercare of the tattoo are the things which make the watercolour tattoo fade much later. Exposure to sun and the tattoo design itself too have a role to play.
How Does the Watercolour Tattoo Age?
There is a lot of debate on the issue of how watercolour tattoos hold up over time. The main issue is that watercolour tattoos do not look attractive as there is a lack of contrast in the colours which are soft and shaded. Thus, when that fade away, the tattoo loses its harness and aesthetics. While it is true that watercolour tattoos probably fade faster, they can be remedied with the use of high contrast on a black base. Careful line work or shading can still make the tattoo Hold well against time. Thus, you can surely get this type of amazing watercolour tattoo by keeping all these things in mind to make them last longer.
If you are thinking of getting a watercolour tattoo, just keep some aspects in mind. To start with, ensure that the tattoo artist you pick carries right expertise and reputation in the market with watercolour tattoos. Browse his portfolio to know his work and style. Be more flexible about adding black to your design to get better results. Pay careful attention to the size or placement of the design if you want those nice watercolour blends in your tattoo.
Once it is made, take good care of your tattoo and make it last longer You should take proper aftercare and keep it protected from the sun. Any harsh exposure can break the ink pigment and make the tattoo fade quickly. A lot relies on the skill of the artist, the type of inks used and on the design. It is always a good idea to use the basic rules of contrast and size. By following these things, you can make your watercolour tattoo last really long.
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