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Why we live in this world? Perhaps the reason we don’t know too and scientists are still discovering it and we don’t know when the result would come? Perhaps it never would. As we are living, we are leaving behind some part of us creating the memories for future whether happy or sad ones. A person who doesn’t have memories in his/her life, then it means they haven’t lived their life. Your memories are the only treasure that no one could steal from your unless you got to meet a sorcerer accidentally. So your life memories are important, and especially of your wedding.Once in lifetime you marry someone whom you like and it is like going on a new voyage about which you are very excited. There are so many cultures in India that have been residing for long time, and their marriage custom and rituals are all different. And while performing all these customs of marriage in your wedding you certainly want to live them again, oh yes, not by remarrying again but definitely by seeing them again in the pictures of your wedding saved in your wedding album.It is all about a little bit philosophy we have talked above. Now we are going to tell you or share with you some must-click-bride-shots that you must get shot with if you want to make your wedding memories more memorable. You all brides out there must like these click worthy poses whether you alone or with your partner, I guarantee you that. Besides all that, if you are looking for an experienced photographer, you can take the help of Shaadidukaan, an online wedding market.
The veil shot:
Indian brides whenever you see, you see them in veil. It is put as to show respect to your elders ones and perhaps for that those are really stranger to the bride could not see her except only by the groom. The veil shot is quite popular and you must get shot with it whether you want to have long or small veil it depends on you and as your photographer says. The outfit you wear, definitely matters so choose the only which is dear to you. And brides do not consider this old era, it is the royal one.
The twirl shot:
Put on your favorite lehenga, your choice of color and choose a favorite location, an outdoor one will work great, and wait for your photographer’s cue, when he/she says to you ‘twirl’, you only need to twirl round and round until your photographer says stop. ‘The twirl’ shot presents an independence and also the happiness that you are getting into a new world about which I’m really ecstatic.
A shot with your favorite loved one in your family:
This shot is with your favorite loved one in your family. It could be your pet too. When you finally get married with your partner, you will be leaving your family home in which you grew up and spent your whole childhood. The lanes, streets and that uncle’s shop from which you used to buy candies, remind you always that you belong here. This shot is for that feeling and get it with whomever you want to get shot with. Because you don’t know when you would come back to meet your parents, especially if you go to a foreign country. So these memories’ shot you will deeply cherish.
With your parents leaving the family:
Perhaps I think that girls are very much connected to their family a lot than boys. It is not any judgment but a guess that feels. Often worried about their Papas when they do not come home early, girls are like this. So get this shot with your mummy and papa in any pose you want. Only true emotions should be there and nothing else.
Playful shots:
In above shots you have become so much emotional. Now it is about playfulness that you always have been. Be as playful as you want to be whether with your any favorite prop or person. It is about showing your real inner playfulness that you always are. Say last Hi to your house’s watchman who always was awake for you when you were a child sleeping in the house because he kept his eyes opened till next morning. Nostalgia!
With your man, groom:
Whether you want to get candid with him or posed, it is your choice, but one with your partner will be a long rejoice whenever you see this picture in future. So choose your best however you want to be with your man. If you are not that creative person you can take the help of your that experienced and professional wedding photographer who is clicking you.
With your best closed friends:
Mummy, papa, favorite places and family, you have got with all. And it is the time for your closed friends. Those friends who promise you that they always come for you when you find yourself in difficulty or any worse situation of which you are not finding solution. The company of them you can never forget and the places you hangout with them. So this shot is for them.Hence brides, we have told you some memorable shots that you must get in your wedding. Create beautiful, cherishing and whatever memories you want to take with you when you leave your home. And remember it is only possible when you have a good experienced wedding photographer with you. And by the way there are quite a good number of wedding photographers in Jaipur that you can hire if your wedding is taking place in the city. Do remember, memories are the real treasure!
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