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Till now you have seen many out-of-box creations of the celebrities’ designers and many ridiculous outfits on catwalks, so for today, I have brought something so hilarious for you. We almost on our daily searching of the internet and fashion, encounter celebrities’ questionable clothes every day. And even though we would never go out wearing those ridiculous outfits, but Funny Toheeb does.

Don’t go on my words, see the pictures of Funny Toheeb, this guy from Africa has seriously killing humor, he creates low-budget replicas of these ridiculous outfits of celebrities that any won’t like to wear apart from that celebrity. This African guy joined the likes of Anucha "Cha" Saengchart and Sine Benjaphorn, recreating absurd celebrity looks with stuff he finds lying around in his home.

So let us see 10 most hilarious creation of this guy;

#1 Laura Ikeji Kanung

#2 Cardi B

It is not a day job or fixed time job. Sometimes they have to work on weekends, nights and at the time when we all are chilling somewhere in clubs.

#3 Jennifer Lopez

#4 Rihanna

Funny Toheeb too except that sometimes he also don’t get the ideas, so the solution for him is music. Sometimes when I don't know what to do with the picture, I listen to music, then go through the picture [again] and I will kill it [the look]."

#5 Anita Joseph

#6 Yemi Alade

In the ends when they see how much people are liking their creations and getting so many likes, it seems like all their hard work and sleepless worth it.

#7 Beyonce

#8 Nicki Minaj

"People laugh and that is just our main focus," he said. "Bringing people out of depression, motivation amidst depression."

#9 Toyin Lawani

#10 Camila Coelho

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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