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To be very frank I did not have a very keen interest in clicking pictures or having a DSLR, you know that status symbol but, I always felt jealous of my friends who had a DSLR in the college time. Quite obvious because they would get the attention of everyone.

If a guy had a DSLR you would find girls hovering around him, just like ‘Bhagwan Krishna Ki Gopiya’ and similarly if a girl had a DSLR you feel like beating your head seeing her brag about her DSLR every single minute. That’s a bit exaggerating though, but anyways here are some of the things that you will relate to if you have a DSLR.

1. You become the personal photographer of your friends.

Your friends feel like you are their personal photographer who has an obligation to click the best pictures of them in the best possible manner.

2. You get pissed off by ‘ Ek Aur photo kheech de’.

In every single occasion, you are engrossed in clicking the pictures of everyone but that one line ‘ Ek Aur photo kheech de’ is always you way of keeping calmness.

3. You are convinced to bring your camera in every little celebration.

From relatives to friends to colleagues to your friends’ friend, everyone feels like your camera is their camera. So no matter what they will ask you to bring your camera so that they can have good pictures.

4. You click everyone’s good picture but you have hardly any of yours

When everyone has the best of people you don’t have a single good picture of yours because no one can click your pictures.

5. When someone asks to give your DSLR, you feel like they have asked for a kidney.

The camera is the biggest possession of every photographer and when someone asks them to give for a day they just feel like someone has asked them their kidney.

If you have a DSLR do you also feel the same?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar

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