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You can spend a lot of time sitting around thinking about what you'd like to do, or you can just start doing it. When everything has become so convenient why waste your time in thinking. Of course, thinking is an important part of setting something of your own but in our busy life of 9-5 job, we hardly get time to think about what to do and most importantly how to do.

Having said that we also value your valuable time. So here are some tips which will provide you a guiding light if you wish to do something of your own.

• When you see that every other person is making some video, doing food or travel blogging you may have this thought in mind what special you can do so that you can reach out to people or more importantly earn money.

• It really does not matter what others are doing or planning to do, what matters is your interest. I mean if you are thinking to start something because everyone is doing then the chances of getting it a success are meager. So only if there is something you are passionate about, or very good at just go for it. It may not be as successful in the beginning but eventually, it will.

• Having got a clear idea about starting it or not and what you should really do the next step in the process is getting a precise idea about making it functional technically.

• If you feel hesitant about facing the camera, because most people do have this difficulty and that is making you scared of giving shape to your idea then I would suggest you go for it. After a few failed attempts you will eventually succeed in your efforts. A dry run is always a better idea.

So think, think & think but don’t just think…..

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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