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Do not dwell on minor problems!
This is the advice of the grandparents. It is unrealistic to say that you never get angry with your partner. But even if you do, it does not mean it’s the end of the world. It just depends on how you deal with these most important issues. Can we just be honest? People do things that get tangled up sometimes. It’s true for all of us – even with people – maybe even especially with the people we love most. Great couples have learned not to let these little things put in the shadows of the more important things – like love and commitment.
Share your spots!
That you constantly get the garbage out and that it constantly cleans the bathroom, provided you have an agreement and that you respect it your relationship is better than you think. There is no 50 to 50 degrees of responsibility in a big wedding. Great couples learn to serve each other. In the best relationships, it would be difficult to judge who does more work. It may be that one gives 100 percent, because the other can not give anything. And there are other times that the other spouse gives 100 percent. It is a question of mutual agreement with the consent of each party.
Spend time together
Great couples spend time together. These couples organize their time together. And as our grandparents can tell us, those who love each other can find things to do that each of them likes to do. When you really love a person, you will find a way to spend time with her. Even if you only have a few hours after work, do not use your cell phones. Quality time is important to unify the bond in your relationship.
Do not keep secrets!
You are probably in a good relationship if you and your partner do not let pride or insecurities keep you from communicating. People in healthy relationships do not keep secrets because they are afraid of what their partner will do or say. There are no hidden problems among the big couples. They are vulnerable to each other. Both partners open completely to the other person.
Support each other:
Our grandparents know him very well, mutual support is one of the most important things. Encouragement, the pride of the other and especially the non-exhibitionism of problems and arguments to the public, are very important elements for the success of a relationship. It’s never easy to argue with your partner, but it’s okay if it happens from time to time – it just depends on how you do it. Great couples support each other in public. They do not tear themselves in public. They treat private problems in private
Do not keep a grudge:
Nobody is perfect. No one. And the best way to flourish is to accept your partner for who he is and learn to be patient when something is wrong. Big couples learn to forgive. There are no persistent problems that have not been resolved.
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