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Everything that happens in Bollywood and the relations that stars share within not always makes it to the news. However, speculations are made every once in a while and one such speculation has been making all sort of news recently.

As per a post shared on the Welike App, recently launched actress Sara Ali Khan daughter of Saif Ali Khan was seen entering Sushant Singh house at the odd hours of the day. The two share a good bond from the days they were shooting for Sara's debut project Kedarnath that garnered positive reviews from both fans and the critics.

However, once the pictures made it to the internet, netizens have been wondering if something beyond friendship is brewing between the two talented actors. Media reports had earlier stated that a lot has been up with Sara and Sushant post-Kedarnath release. Interestingly, Sushant recently deleted all the pictures from his Instagram account including the once of him and Sara, amid tensions we have no clue about. Maybe the meeting was only a mutual chit-chat to clarify things and start afresh.

However, as far as claims are to be believed, the story which has been shared by someone close to al the Bollywood Mirch-masala and gossips indicates that the stars came really close to each other during the late night meetup. Even if is just a fake portrayal of the situation, still a lot of fans have questions about the same.

Since ever Sara has made her debut on the big screen, gossips of she seen actors including Sushant and Karthik Aryan have been doing the rounds. However, she never came out to accept neither brush off the same speculations. As of now, we could only expect Sara and Sushant to come out and share what's brewing or let the hype subdue with time.

Source - Welike Bollywood Byomkesh
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