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Web Hosting is a service that could not be taken for granted. It is essential to choose a Web-Hosting service provider that has a strong reputation in the market. Choosing a Web-Hosting provider depends on myriad of reasons and one should do proper research before choosing a Web Hosting service provider.
If you choose a good web hosting service provider than it could lead to a lifetime relation between you and you service provider, after all changing or switching to another Service provider is a painful task which need significant resources and efforts.
Factors which should be considered before choosing a Web-Hosting service provider
There are various aspects which need to be looked upon before selecting a service provider; here we list down the factors which should be looked into-
#1. Reliability
The service provider shall be reliable in it services. The factors which prove the reliability of the service provider are Uptime and Customer support.No Web Host would be having an uptime of 100%, however a host which promises an uptime of more than 99% could be considered. But in no case shall one settle for a Host which promises uptime of less than 99%. There are various online tools which you could rely upon to check the uptime of the Web Host. Make sure you consider checking the uptime as no one would ever visit your site if it is down.Customer Support is an aspect which shouldn’t be treated as unimportant. As internet is dynamic with ever-changing way of operations. Only the customer support could guide you to tackle those changes and lead you for smooth operations of your site. Make sure the Web Host service provider has a supportive customer service which is just a phone call away.
#2. Flexibility-
Flexibility of a website hosting service provider pays a long time. When your business grows, you would surely consider upgrading your existing services to get a better framework and set of features. Make sure your Host supports the same and promises Flexibility in its services.
#3. Speed and Optimisation-
The Speed of the website matters a lot, in fact a survey proved that even 3 seconds of loading time deters a user to stick on the website and many of the users would refrain from coming to the website again.
#4. Price-
It is a false belief that more price is equal to better features. Instead a Webhosting service provider should keep competitive prices. However if you want additional features than it may come after incurring some costs. Additionally reliable hardware should also be bought as they increase the performance of the site.
#5. Security-
The most important feature among all is security. Your Web Hosting Service provider should provide unmatched and totally encrypted structure. You should always give double thoughts before opting for a shared hosting service provider as you would have to share the resources too which may lead to compromised security to your website.
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