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Well, summer or spring, whatever you call it, this season is already around the corner! With this season hitting up, you already might have crashed the stores for shorts, floral dresses, skirts, and swimsuits, of course!But with all this shopping becoming the rage, we can’t even keep the track of the ways that women are being categorized into! Hourglass, pear-shaped, apple-shaped, athletic, curvy, and what more! And while these body categories have been bringing us a varied range of swimsuits, we have narrowed down some incredible picks that are made to flatter your frame.So do you want to know what kind of swimsuit you should be looking for? Read here to find the best-fitting swimwear for your physique.
Swimwear if you have a small chest
If you have a small chest, you always need to hunt down to the swimwear that will build your chest and elongate your overall body. We know that it comes up as a bit of challenge, but go for a two-piece swimwear. In the two-piece swimwear, make sure that you top has embellishments or ruffles so that it gives you an illusion of the larger chest. Also, you can go for a suit with the padding as it is going to give you up a little extra of it.
Swimsuits if you have a huge chest
For the girls who have a big chest, string bikinis are a big NO-NO for you. You should always opt for the suits that are molded or under-wired as they give you the support you need. Furthermore, you are also advised to avoid ruffles, or anything on the top, which will resultantly minimize the focus on your chest.For the flattering results, you can also go for double stitched bands and bathing suits with thicker straps.
If you are pear-shaped
Who says that picking up swimsuit is tough when you have a pear shaped body? When flaunting a pear-shaped body, all you need is to balance out your bottom half by wearing a mix and match bikini. And just because, you’re curvy at thighs and hips, look for the clean-skirted bottoms or the plunging necklines.
If you have an athletic body
If you have an athletic body, the goal of choosing the swimsuit is to give the illusion of more curves in the physique. You can go for the Australian Swimwear that has tops or bottoms with ruffles, patterns, stripes, and embellishments. Moreover, you can also buy the Monokinis as they are considered best for the athlete body.Pro Tip: The smaller the bottom of your swimsuit, the curvier your body will appear.
Swimsuits to go for if you have a curvy body shape
If you are curvy, don’t be scared to go up a size, as coverage is the key to flaunt this body shape. Also, the curves need to be highlighted while providing enough support to the physique.You can for the asymmetrical swimsuits that draw attention towards your neckline. Even color-blocking will also help you to highlight the body shape.How to Find the Best-Fitting Swimwear for Your Physique
If you prefer stomach concealing
Have you got that apple shape or planning to hide extra fat on your stomach? Well, in this case, there are a number of one-piece, two-piece, and highwaisted, tankini styled swimsuits that will help you to smooth your middle.Other tricks, which you can follow, are going for the gathered fabrics that will hide the bulges or a figure-flattening-wrap that trims the waist.
If you have a boyish figure
You have a boyish figure if you lack up a bit on the front side. To add a bit of oomph in this type of figure, you can go for the horizontal stripes on the top of your swimsuit. Go for a bit of padding, or try the retro-styled swimsuits, which will give you the body shape that you always crave for. Furthermore, you can also give a try to halter swimwear that can do wonders for you.So, whether you want to conceal your extra pounds, get rid of the cellulite, or give proper support to your overall physique, take heart these tips and shop the best Australian swimwear for you.Get going ladies before you run out of the best pieces!
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