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There are some people who expect to live a 100 years old. Instead of retiring and earning a pension they want to have a second life and thus they also have also signed for up the “Signed life”. This scheme was started by a professor Hiroko Akiyama who is studying old age at the University of Tokyo with the support of government funding.

Where people in most of the countries leave their aged parents abandoned at home or from home the retired pensioners in Japan are living their life, which is entirely different from the previous one, the life full of happiness.

This “second life” is giving them the ideal opportunity to have a new career and earn money out of that life. Most of the people in Japan are anxious about living their job and they want to earn. Being around the children and making their living out of it gives them positive energy and probably the reason to stay happy also.

It also provides them specialized housing and ready-made communities to live to help them stay active in their life. The infrastructure of the newly built houses is suitably designed for them. With facilities like elevators and wheelchair access on the site. Residents can also join community groups which help them to connect to a new community.

The idea of working in the ’70s & ’80s is not very common everywhere people in Japan want to contribute to society and we all should take inspiration from them.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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