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Feeder protection relay is a most common used set of relay which used to make protect cable & lines from overheads and also monitoring the power grid which make sure continually supply of power energy. In case of fault, feeder protections relay help to prevent the fault to spread in the health part of the equipment.Whenever feeder relay detect any kind of the fault in the power system then it going to off automatic circuits, so it help to prevent circuits from the overcurrent. It also protect during the higher voltage of current, ground fault, low current & overload etc. Ashida Electronics is one of leading firm in India for electrical protection relay, providing wide range of feeder protection relay with multifunction work.
The Parallel connection of the relay is mainly use to continuity of the supplying of energy and sharing the electrical voltage load. So whenever fault going to detect automatic protective device select and other isolate instantly the increase electrical energy load.
Switchgear protection is a main component of feeder, Switchgear is a combination of electrical switch which help to make disconnect power system, fuses & circuit breaker. A fuse is also one kind of feeder relay in power system which helps to make protect our electrical equipment during the high voltage, low voltage & overload etc. This kind of electrical device is mainly link with direct power supplier.Due to improvement in technology, at the end of 19th century high voltage was invested to operating electrical motor and other electrical equipment. In the 20th century technology has been improved over time so we can now use switchgear protection voltage up to 1,000 KV. Mainly switchgear protection has located in the substation on the both for high current & low voltage side of the large power transformer. Or mainly medium voltage of switchgear relay located in the building along with the some function like monitoring, controlling & protecting etc.
History of Switchgear Protection –
History of switchgear protection was as the electrical generation. In the year 1910, the first module which is very primitive and all feeder component was set or fixed on the wall. Later on they make some improvement and mounted in the wooden panels. Due to fire inuring in wooden so it was replaced wooden with slate & marble. But still it was needed number of improvement in feeder because it was fixed in wall and wire set on backside so could be attached to the front.
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