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Everyone has their own heart-warming stories of the school life; school campus, friends, teachers, surprise test, games period and LIBRARY. Quite a lot of people may have entered in those nostalgic memories of their school life while others would be busy thinking how can someone have warming memories of Library and then their mind would have struck on those “Book worms” who preferred spending their entire time in studying in classroom, home or “THE LIBRARY”.

But wait, not just the studious one others can have those sweet memories of the Library. Let me share you some of my beautiful memories of the Library from my school and college days. Believe me, you would love traveling that beautiful lane of mine and for sure you will travel in your old days.

So, I still remember the library of my college had the Best AC, as compared to the other rooms in the campus so in the drenching hot summers it was our perfect destination to relax and not just me I saw a lot of other students like my group who went to library to have that relaxing time and a good nap of the day.

When we talk about the Library, Library rules are the most important part of the library any library you visit, remember those big posters saying “Keep silence”, “You Are Not Allowed To Talk In The Library”, “Always walk, never run”, “Your manners are appreciated” and etc…etc.. etc.… So breaking those library rules had its fun. So what we used to do find that hidden place in the library which would not be noticed by anyone and then talked there.

With everything being studied through Internet, children definitely are missing those memories of the Library. What were your memories with the Library?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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