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We all are in a constant state of gloom and doom and this constant state of fear follows us with everyone making us react to everything with fear. Thus the feeling of fear startles over every little thing that we can’t shut off our feeling of being afraid, scared and worried.

That is the reason probably why this game of fear is always working spot on in every domain. From advertising agencies to our workplace everyone makes the best out of our state of fear to make us scared about everything.

1. Fear appeal in Advertising

It is undeniable fact that advertising tries to scare the hell out of us. From low fear-based appeal advertising, beating that stone of emotion to high fear-based appeal advertising, directly killing on our biggest fear of life persuades us to make us feel that we are assuming a risk if we do or do not purchase a certain product.

2. Religion is based on fear

Religion is one perfect example of how fear tactics work so well to earn money. Look how religious is completely based on the fear factor.

3. Use of fear tactics in daily life

This game of fear is played well by our parents, teachers, and boss as well. From a fear-based working environment like time-based work deadlines and hierarchy at the workplace to the culture of punishments in the school, colleges and at our homes fear tactics are a central part of our lives.

Next time when you are scared to remember someone is using your fear to have that advantage in their life and having those extra pennies in their pockets

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design credits - Vikas Kakkar
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