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India is not only filled with incredible beauty, ranging from spirit-filled temples and cobbled lanes running through tiny ancient town it is infused within the faith, considered as a land of mystery and magic. One of that mysterious produce that also continues to remain controversial till the day is Cannabis, the sacred plant of India.

Well, you might be acquainted about God Shiva association and his love for Cannabis, popularly called as Bhang in India, you still not be aware of facts as well.

Did you know that?
1. The Vedas mentions Cannabis as one of the five sacred plants which were a source of happiness, joy-giver, liberator that was compassionately given to humans to help us attain delight and lose fear.

2. Atharva Veda also makes a reference about the use of plant during the middle ages. It tells that soldiers often drink bhang before entering any battle as its stems could help overcome enemies and evil forces.

3. It is a lesser known fact that India was the origin of cannabis as medicine. It was used to improve memory, against leprosy, and many other things.

4. Cannabis was introduced to the US by Dr. William (Brooke) O’Shaughnessy who had come to Bengal in 1833 to learn about Ayurveda’. From 1850 to 1942 it remained part of the US Pharmacopeia Convention and was also prescribed by doctors.

5. In the 1930s, it began to be called as marijuana, to connotate and associate it with Mexicans, blacks, and musicians.

6. Eventually, it began to be called as the “gateway drug” and become illegal because of propaganda by certain people who made statements like “Marijuana is the most violent drug in the history of mankind”.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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