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Nutritional bar is marketed as a meal replacement bars which contains high fiber ingredients, cereals, and carbohydrates to fulfil essential requirement of a meal and is served as breakfast meal in North America giving on-the-go people an easy alternative to skipping breakfast.
Hyp Whey Protein Bar
HYP is one the best protein bars in India. Bars contain top grade protein from Whey and milk. There is no added sweetener or preservatives. All the sugar in bars come from dry fruits and nuts. The bars are rich in high fiber and fats (less saturated and no trans-fat). Each bar contains 20 grams of protein with 4-5 grams of fiber. These bars are great source of protein with different flavours. You can carry this bar anywhere and have whenever you feel hungry.
Bigflex Fruit & Nut Protein Bar
Since there are no artificial sweeteners used, the bar contains natural sugars. Also, the bar has some good calories and fats which makes the bar better preferred by those who are calorie conscious .
Quest Nutrition Protein Bar
The nutrition profile of Quest nutrition protein bars displays the ingredients and nutritional content in a transparent and upfront manner. Although the manufacturer claims the bar to be all natural and contains no sugar alcohols, the bars do contain Erythritol, which is a sugar alcohol with zero calories used as a sweetener.
RiteBite Max Protein Choco Fudge Bar
MVP is not an easily available protein powder in the market. In 2017 they started with protein bars as well but were not successful. Muscleblaze is very effective and value for money . It does tastewell and blends well in water or milk with no micro granules. Muscleblaze wins hands down with overall if pegged against Mvp
Chocolate & Peanut Snack Bar
These no-bake chocolate peanut butter granola bars are made with just a few healthy ingredients and easy to make! These bars make a perfect snack or quick breakfast for those who are on the go.
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