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Salman Khan is a man with a golden heart who has truly changed the life of few people by helping them at the social and humanitarian ground now and then. Well, no doubt on his acting skill, which makes audiences to love him more. He has the ability to set the Bollywood trends over the time for his success in the Bollywood film industry. The cost of this bracelet is approximately 55 thousand which is a pure Turquoise Stone which is only found on ancient hills of Europe. But this bracelet is priceless for Salman Khan.
A Beautiful Real Salman Khan’s Turquoise Gemstone Bracelet consists of 100 gram of Sterling Silver of chain width 1.75 cm and variable length. The Gemstone Bracelet bracelet was given to him by his father as a good luck charm. But there are many reasons why he wears this little piece of a gemstone
1. Salman Khan likes Chinese food the most and his favourite restaurant is “China Garden” in Mumbai.
2. After the release of his hit film “Maine Pyaar Kiya”, he was jobless for at least 6 months.
3. His favorite actor and actress are Sylvester Stallone and Hema Malini.
4. He is also a Bollywood movie story writer. He has written”Chandramukhi” and “Veer.”
5. Salman Khan always wears a turquoise stone bracelet. His father Salim Khanalso wears a similar bracelet and considers it to be lucky for him.
While many ‘Bhai’ fans believe that the bracelet is one of the reasons for Salman’s unparalleled success in film industry. Moreover the stone in the bracelet is Turquoise is a powerful gemstone of protection with strong cosmic properties.
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