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Tourism is the business that is always important for a city and for the country, actually, it helps so much ecumenically to the government of that place. Tourism also provides employment opportunities to the natives, but have you thought that tourism can also have opposite effects.

More than required interference of the tourist can make everyday life much harder for the natives in the cities all over the world. Some tourist reacts so badly with the monuments, like one traveler, carved his name into the Colosseum in Rome, Italy. There are so many negative things has been noticed about the after effects of tourism, such as by the huge crowd of tourist the native sometimes feel irritated as they don’t get to visit their city place peacefully.

Some cities have encountered so many problems because of the tourists, and get affected so badly. So let us see three places from the huge list that got affected so much.

#1 Komodo Islands, Indonesia

The Island situated in Indonesia, the officials there made the announcement that they close the island for the tourist for a year because of the diminishing Komodo Dragon population. According to the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry, they caught smugglers who were trying to sell 41 Komodo Dragons on the black market for $35,000 each. The island is the home of the more than 1,800 Komodo Dragons that are the biggest living lizard in the world, weighing in at 200 pounds.

#2 Venice, Italy

Venice, Italy is such a beautiful and its beautiful attracts so many tourists every year, and this has become a problem for the place. Locals have complained that tourism cruise ships, is responsible for increased pollution in the city. And the UNESCO World Heritage Committee is concerned about the impact it has on Venice’s many historical sites.

#3 Dubrovnik, Croatia

The place becomes so popular after HBO’s “Games Of Thrones”, Dubrovnik, Croatia is getting a huge crowd of tourist in the city. Due to this increase in tourism in the recent year, the coastal city experienced 10% rising in tourism in 2015. And the city being unable to welcome this much crowd, so the mayor announced that the city will only welcome 4,000 tourists per day in spite of 8,000 for the next two years.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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