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One of the coolest accessories for men for their weddings is the wedding band. Wedding bands look great on the groom, they complement his appearance and add more style statement to this appearance. While there are a lot of designs, styles, and materials for these wedding bands available in the market at a range of prices, it is highly recommended that you try out tungsten and titanium wedding bands for your summer wedding. In this article, you will learn why these materials are best for your summer wedding.If you do not like to go by the norm and want to make your own style statement with your wedding ring, this is your chance. You may have to go through countless brochures and look at all the possible options to find the right one, but once you do, you will know that you are getting your money’s worth!
Price and looks
Metals like gold or platinum are really difficult to afford because their prices continue to rise all the time. However, titanium and likewise tungsten tend to remain almost constant from price, and yet they remain high on style always. Titanium is a popular material of choice because they look amazing, although they are inexpensive. Metallic colors are preferred for bridal dresses, and the cooler tones of tungsten and titanium jewelry combine to generate a glamorous appearance, this is more so in summer when the sun is shining down brightly reflecting the metallic colors.mens wedding ringsDuring the summer months when the temperatures soar, the prices of various other items also become more expensive. The costs of the ceremony, the reception, the honeymoon and the gas will keep on mounting. Fortunately for you, reducing your budget for your wedding bands will not mean that you have to compromise on quality also. The popularity of wedding bands for grooms gives you a lot of different options regarding the price, style, looks, and feel. Titanium and tungsten are useful in this regard that they will not burn a huge hole in your pocket. You will be able to find a lot of top quality, highly durable, and almost indestructible men’s wedding bands made out of titanium and tungsten at almost a fraction of the price that you would have paid for gold and platinum bands.
Summer designs
Designers will employ different tactics and innovations to incorporate seasonal designs and patterns in the wedding bands. Popular summer designs include floral patterns, beach motifs on the wedding bands where these designs will be intricately engraved so that they shine under the summer sun. The heavy and solid designs will complement the masculinity of the groom with the rugged textures. Tungsten carbide is another beautiful material, its most alluring quality is the fact that it does not scratch and this means wedding bands made from tungsten carbide will be ideal for men who like to lead a more extreme lifestyle. There are plenty of different other designs like a simple black tungsten solid band which will look great when the groom wears a white shirt. Also, you can try putting your unique design into the engraving, customize it according to your whims.
Style and elegance
Summer means style and elegance regarding clothing and dresses, more so in the case of the groom. A good titanium wedding band with a jagged edge finish can not only compliment the groom’s attire but also reflect his personality as well. Tungsten wedding bands will make wonderful keepsakes for future memories also and will maintain a glorious theme for your attire in the wedding. Ideally, the best colors for wearing during the summer will be light colored bands like white and gray; you can get polished rust colored tungsten bands also. You can also try mixing and matching different colors to create a unique pattern.
Men’s wedding bands are ideal accessories for men to wear on their weddings. They are classy with a touch of grace and compliment the groom and make him appear dashing and cool. They also lend an air of awe to the wearer. While a lot of designs and styles are available for wedding bands in the market, one can always try out new designs to set fashion goals and trends. For men who have their weddings in summer, they can try various designs on their wedding bands which go with the spirit of summer. Materials like tungsten and silver look amazing in the summer sun. They are shiny, and they will always gleam making it sure that you remain in everyone’s eye. Try out these wedding bands for your summer wedding also.
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