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The most expensive coffee in the world, Kopi Luwak is produced from the coffee beans of an Indonesian cat-like animal called the civet cat. These cats eat the coffee cherries or the coffee seeds and pass on the coffee seeds without digesting it. It was discovered during the Dutch rule when farmers were prohibited from harvesting coffee for their personal use and they had to scrounge around for it. The coffee made from brewing these seeds was much tastier.

Having said that, one should however not consume the most expensive coffee. Here is why?

1. The biggest reason one should avoid consuming this coffee is probably to voice your opinion against animal cruelty. In order to produce this coffee, the cats are caged and forcefully fed the coffee seeds every day, which has a propounding impact on their health. They suffer from the stress of being caged and frequently die because of unnatural production, often passing blood in their scats.

2. The swindlers also engage in unethical practices and cheat the consumers by employing other animals like Elephants, birds, and monkeys too.

3. These cats are only active at nights and work in solitary with a huge appetite. Satisfying these cats and then harvesting coffee from their seeds is a very difficult task and that is the reason why 80% of coffee sold as Kopi Luwak today is fake.

Thus, one should complete boycott this coffee in support of animal rights because the cruelty these cats have to go through is really inhumane.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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