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Look around yourself. Everything that’s technology and everything that is adding comfort to your lifestyle is only because of one Man. A man who put society before himself and led the foundation to this modern world we live in.

Nikola Tesla is the forgotten hero of humanity who is the reason behind a lot of achievements and landmarks that modern scientists are credited to. Born on 10 July in Serbia, Tesla lived for 87 years. In his lifespan, he created the AC current model which was, at that time better than Edison’s DC Current.

Tesla achieved unbelievable things in his career and the secret to his inventions are still a mystery. His major work was the use of wireless electricity which he did during a horse race. He planned to provide free electricity to everyone and gave the last years of his life to this, However, he died before he could achieve this.

It is also a fact that Tesla had invented death ray capable of disintegrating the human body into absolutely nothing. Tesla also had a device which could immediately bring earthquake to any location within a given radius.

Talking about his contribution to modern society almost everything that is linked to technological development is directly or indirectly linked to Tesla’s patents.

Marconi is credited often for the invention of Radio, but it was Tesla whose earlier work was compiled by Marconi. When he sent the world’s first transatlantic message, Tesla replied to this and said “Marconi is a good fellow. Let him continue. He is using seventeen of my patents.”

Tesla came up with the Idea of Radar Technology in 1917, 18 years before its creator Robert.A.Watson-Watt. He also discovered X-rays way before they came into public use and refused to work with them because of their harm.

Numerous are the contributions made by this man in the field of Science, yet he is never recalled and given the respect that he deserves. We would like to pay a tribute to this legendary genius by starting this new section in our Portal with his mention.

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