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That particular day of the year when everyone gets energized, our birthday where things are not usually as every other day of the year or at least we expect that it should be special from the other days. Different people have different plans and ways to celebrate their birthday and make themselves feel special. I think our birthdays are the day when self- love reaches the maximum zeniths and this happens with most of the people.

Not exactly! Because there are some people who do not like to celebrate their birthdays. Let’s sneak peek to what birthdays really mean to different people or how people expect birthdays to be.

1. There are some type of people who always have had lived on the idea that “Why should one celebrate the birthday in the first place. They think what’s the purpose to celebrate when one year of our life span has come to an end. Frankly, I don’t get these negative sorts of people.

2. Then comes another category of weird people who like to celebrate their birthday alone. You know why? Because probably they don’t be that center of attraction. They just hate cutting the cake, blowing the candle and every other ‘ritual’ associated with the birthdays.

3. There also exists some over- excited people who will make everyone else around them too excited as their birthday month approaches.

4. Party-lovers just want a reason to celebrate to the occasion and probably they can celebrate without any reason too. So birthdays are the perfect occasion to throw a party and probably show-off to their friends.

5. Then comes the people who ask for their birthday gifts from every other people they know of because they just love taking gifts.

What is your type of celebrating the birthday? Are you also excited for your birthday or you fit in those weird sets of people?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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