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In case you’re true and enthusiastic about what you do, you’ll discover appreciation. But recollect, there’s a major contrast between having a decent hard working attitude and working yourself into the ground. It is safe to say that you are given to the activity or very nearly being submitted for your dependence on it? Discover! 
1 You’re generally the first in at work. 
2 You micromanage everything on the grounds that you trust nobody can take care of business as you can. 
3 At the point when the supervisor says you have to come into work throughout the end of the week, you resemble 
4 You browse your work email at regular intervals, notwithstanding when you’re not at work. 
 5 You have none anything separated from these checks. 
6 You’re focused when you’re not at work. 
7 You might be on furlough, yet your psyche is still back at the workplace. 
8 In your book, being sick isn’t a motivation to remain home. 
9 You’re continually dropping on family and companions. Also, you think associates who are mindful to their friends and family are squandering their time. 
10 You forget about the time when you’re working and end up investing more energy than you had at first arranged. 
11 You scarcely understand that your work style has negatively affected your wellbeing. 
12 Set clear limits among work and home, unplug at standard interims, set aside a few minutes for your friends and family and ceaselessly rethink your objectives.
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