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Vitamin C is more important than many other vitamins for health. Vitamin C is important for our healthas well as beauty and skin. But do you know these unique health benefits of Vitamin C?
Vitamin C is also known as ascorbic acid. Ascorbic acid in our body is very essential for the functioning ofcells and digestion. Vitamin C also takes care of your health while maintaining your beauty.
Let know today how Vitamin C helps keep your body healthier.Vitamin C reduces wrinkles- Vitamin C helps in making collagen in the skin. Due to this, the flexibility of your skin maintains. If a person is lack of Vitamin-C in his body then his skin starts hanging prematurely and old age starts to appear on the face. Vitamin C helps you reduce the process of aging.
Not only this,it helps to reduce your face wrinkles.Vitamin C for the beauty of hair- Vitamin 'C' is a better option to protect hair from getting dry.Deficiency of vitamin C in the body leads to stiffness in the hair. Due to drying of the scab on the skin ofthe head, the roots of the hair become weak and the hair starts falling. But with the help of Vitamin C,blood circulation increases in the head and the hair becomes long and beautiful.Vitamin C prevents from sunburn- The sunlight can make your face scorching in summer.
Vitamin-C is a great antioxidant that protects against free radicals that cause cancer and otherdiseases. Not only this, but it also helps in fighting disease like cancer by increasing disease resistance inthe body. Vitamin C also prevents changes in cells and DNA that can cause cancer in the body.
Vitamin C not only keeps your mind healthy but also provides relief from stress by straining thestress-fighting adrenaline hormone.
What is vitamin C?
Citrus juicy fruits such as amla, orange, lemon, orange, plum, jackfruit, mushroom, peppermint, grapes,tomatoes, guava, apple, banana, radish leaves, crown, milk, beet, quail, cabbage, green coriander, andspinach are good sources of Vitamin C.
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