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Everyone becomes happy once they hear the word lottery. Why? Well because the lottery means winning something huge or winning a very big amount. By the way, it is said that only people with good luck or destiny wins the lottery.

Well, if that is so, then we can say that Ravindra Bhullar’s luck and destiny were really shining on him for he experienced a moment he will never forget in his life. Ravindra Bhullar an Indian origin had bought a lottery ticket in the United Arab Emirates, and now he has become a millionaire.

Ravindra Bhullar has got lottery worth $ 27 million (about Rs 18.65 crore) in Abu Dhabi. According to the report of Khaleej Times, Ravindra Bhullar has been declared the winner of the lottery through a draw. This draw was held on Wednesday at Abu Dhabi International Airport. But when Bhullar’s lottery came out he was in Mumbai, so he could not get the information immediately.

When the organizers contacted Bhullar’s daughter, it was told that her father is in Mumbai and that they will be able to talk after a week. An interesting thing to note here is that this is the fourth time that an Indian has won a lottery in the Abu Dhabi. This is the fourth consecutive year that an Indian has won this lottery.

Well, since the Bhullar family has received news of Ravindra winning an amount of Rs 18.65 crore, since then there is a wave of happiness in the family. Earlier in February, a person of Indian origin in Abu Dhabi had won one crore Dirham (i.e. 19.45 crore) in the lottery.

Prashant Pandarthi had bought an online ticket for ‘Big ticket’ in Abu Dhabi. ‘Big Ticket’ is the biggest and longest running monthly lottery for cash prizes and luxury cars in Abu Dhabi.

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