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What we call a struggle, isn’t actually a struggle. The idea that only we have to face everyday tussles isn’t actually real. The celebs have their own struggle, the struggle of maintaining their body, the struggle of looking glamorous with the continuing age, the struggle of compromising on their flavour, the struggle of hectic work schedules.

For a commoner, travelling in a crowded metro is a struggle, surviving with the limited income source is a struggle, meeting work- deadlines is a struggle, completing the homework is a struggle for a student, for poor struggling every day to earn wages is a struggle, surviving a day without food is a struggle.

The point here is everyone has to follow its course of a struggle. While we all have this thought in mind that we are the one who is struggling in life while others are leading a comfortable life isn’t actually true.

Consider an example, a student appearing for a government examination has to struggle to prepare for an entrance exam and once he successfully clears the examination his life is comforting when equated previously. However, there are certain jobs which are not that tough to get through initially but once you are able to get it the real struggle actually begins. In some professional courses getting admission is much easy than others but their jobs get tougher at the latter stage. Thus, everyone has to face those teething troubles in life at some point in life.

Also, another point that is crucial to take under reflection is that what may be struggling for one may not be a struggle for other at all and this happens because of the circumstances and situations one has faced in life but no one can escape that struggle in their life.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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