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This is my one and only reaction when I think about the news channels of India. Without a doubt, they are the biggest jokers in the present times which are entertaining the audience with its witty nature of the presentation and whatever they do or claim to be doing. It would not be wrong to say that they are really inspired by the Cinema. That is probably the reason why they have so much dramatic sense of providing the information to the audience.

Here are 6 reasons why they are undoubtedly the biggest jokers in the present times:

1. Do you know what the most successful thing about the news channels is? I don’t know how but everyone is the number 1 channel. Wow, what competition we have.

2. No doubt, our news channels are also the most talented and hardworking because everyone presents the information in a quick passage of time and that too at the equal pace.

3. Our news channels also use the same footage of the news agencies yet claim to have exclusive footage. Well, we wonder what type of exclusive footage we are provided.

4. Despite everyone aware of the fact that news channels are the mouthpiece of influential people news channels never stop pretending about being the most authentic and unbiased.

5. Debates are one of the best ways to vent out all the frustration and anger at each other and also to depict how loudly one can speak.

6. Well, anchors have actually beaten those students who do not know anything in the exam yet they can fill the answer sheet completely.

Do you really get the logic behind it?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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