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Fasting during the holy days and festivals has been a part of Indian tradition since forever, however, there are trends that often crop up in which make the fasting process almost funny and pointless. I have seen a lot of people, especially youngsters and kids who also fast these days, all together for a different purpose probably. When you will also hear these out you will not stop yourself from having a big laugh.

Overeating and an inactive lifestyle is the reason why obesity has become a problem of every other these days and with so much to explore youngsters don’t have a control on their taste and Navratri fast is that one chance to have some control on the diet. So a lot of youngsters fast these days to lose weight.

There are a lot of other weird hilarious reasons for fasting. Have a look at them:

1. ‘Bahut Moti ho rahi hu, thoda weight kum ho jayega’

When every other attempt is failing maybe this could get success is the hope with which youngsters fast these days.

2. ‘ Life mein thoda change chaiye hai’

Well everyone wants a change in life, so if we are getting a chance to have that change why to miss that. Isn’t it?

3. ‘ Tasty khane ko milega’

We all get fucked up by eating the same varieties of vegetables and dal and that chapatti. So to get a different dose of healthy and tasty food fasting is a way out.

4. ‘ Bas aise hi rakhe hai maine toh’

Yesterday I met my nephew was also fasting when I asked the reason, I got the same reply.

5. ‘ Instagram par pictures dalungi’

Well we youngsters can do anything for our social media posts.

6. ‘ Vrat rakhne se acha dulha milta hai’

This is the important reason for fasting probably.

What are your weird reasons for fasting?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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