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So your sister is getting married and you are somewhere in between this bittersweet feeling. We can under your situation at the moment, it doesn’t matter how much you fight with your sister or how many times she scolded at you. The time is diplomatic and you are going through two emotions together, on one side you must be happy, and at the same time, you must be sad. ‘

“But don’t your Jiju will take care of her!” This you have heard so many times from your family members and those irritating aunts at the house right now. Trust us, if you love your sister don’t give her hand in the hands of her groom until he gives you some promises.

You are giving him your friend, the woman how has acted like your mother many times, the one how saved you from late night entering the house, and so on. It is your right to tell the groom that how much you love her, and if he breaks any of that promise, you will break him (but don’t make him so afraid from you, be gentle).

Let us see some promises that a bride’s sister can take from her sister’s husband.

You Always Have My Back

Now your great support system is getting, and on the positive note, you are going to have one more member in your family. So take a promise from your jiju to always stand at your back. Whether it is boring weddings, family pooja where you have no role to play and so on.

Cooler Version Of Elder Brother

As after family your sister’s husband will be one of your family members and will be more like a brother to you. So told him to stay cool as Dhoni and save you from all those monster relatives. And if you make any mistake comes to you as a friend and in spite scolding at you, make you understand your mistake

Be My Trouble Shooter

As the daughter’s husband has a top place in her family, and mom and dad won’t neglect their suggestions. So ask them to use this in your favor, and save you from all the unwanted situations in your life.

Best Life Advisor

Take a promise from your Brother-in-law (jiju) to be your go-to-place for the advice, whenever you seek guidance from the person who is your friend and more than that can understand everything and after analyzing all the good and bad give you advice.

Love My Sister To Eternity

“Promise me that you will love my sister and only her for the rest of your life and take care of her.” Make him understand how much you love your sister and you won’t let him hurt her.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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