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The festival of Navratri is an auspicious festival significant for all Hindus where devotees follow a strict vegetarian diet for all the nine days. During this time they follow many rituals such as the continuous burning of lamp, fasting, staying awake for the night, offering various offerings to the Goddess.

However, like every other festival, Navratri has also lost its true significance. The present generation remains ignorant about its traditions and rituals. There are very few who actually fast the way it was done earlier. In present times, it is nothing more than a cool trend for the youngsters.

See, how things have changed in modern times, with the changing lifestyles and values.

1. While earlier people used to follow a rigorous diet plan where they had the fixed meal in a day but in modern times there is actually no count on a number of times people eat during the fast.

2. Also earlier there was only a limited option available for eating but presently the list of the options is so long that you could actually love tasting different types of foods.

3. The purpose of fasting has also changed these days. While earlier it was done for Cleansing mind and body, the reason for the same has changed these days.

4. From religious significance to fasting for fun there has been a decline in how fasting is done.

5. There are hardly few who fast for complete 9 days today, unlike the previous trends.

Don’t you think the purpose of fasting has altogether changed these days?

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar
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