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It’s not just our paternities who can’t steal their heads around idealistic relationships; things are not as ‘’chill’’ with youths either. Piloting the app-tard world of love has made sure we all have our part of awkward moments. Here are some of the situation everyone can relate to:

An app to meet someone

Almost everybody is on me, but almost everybody complains about being on it. Men and women face diverse challenges when it comes to wired dating. While males find it stiffer to find matches, women worry about being seen on an app by someone they know. We have a love-hate relationship with having to swipe faces on the phone screen.

Are you seeing other people?

Tricky question. And tricky to answer too. You can no longer accept that if someone is seeing you, they are keen-sighted only about you. This is a discussion you must have to escape difficulties if you think the conversation is getting serious. It may make you feel awkward but it’s necessary.

Being hosted

People just don’t say goodbye anymore. They just disappear from your life, and often, they do it in such a manner that you don’t realize it has happened to you, not until this person is proof disappeared.

Dealing with the Ex

If you’re with someone who doesn’t have an ex, consider yourself lucky. Not really. Because generally, dating these days includes going to similar places as the ex, dealing with them still being in touch and what not.

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