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It is normal to have a liking for someone at your workplaces because you spend most time of your day in your offices but falling in love with someone at the workplace is not at all a good idea. It is important that you maintain a healthy distance at your workplace because if you don’t do that you will have to face a lot of severe consequences, which can affect your inner peace hampering your work performance, directly and indirectly.

Reasons why falling in love at the workplace are suggested ‘NO’….

1. There are chances of more complications in the relationship....
1. It is obvious to have fights, arguments in every relationship and when you love someone at your workplaces there are chances of having a scene, because when you try to talk to the person, he may shout at you which can further complicate the situation.

2. Being with love all the time is not at all a good idea because...
Being with love all the time is not at all a good idea because you begin to overthink about him most of the time. If the person is not in a good mood, not speaking, acting weird you are only thinking about that only. It can have an impact on your work performance.

3. Possessiveness at the workplace is pretty harmful...
Also, quite often we get so possessive about the person that we are afraid to see any other person around our love and the result is fights, fights and fights.

4. Being with forever is a myth...
You become so much attached with the person that you want to be with them always but this cannot happen forever, one has to for a job change when a situation demands it and when that happens, it is very painful and disturbing.

Thus, even if you love someone to maintain a professional relationship with the person as much it is possible.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa

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