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People suffering from diabetes are at greater risk of dying because it is a reason behind the heart diseases. It can also cause a drift in the blood pressure which can damage the blood vessels, resulting in joint pain and other problems; this also causes the increase in the levels of glucose which is very lethargic for a diabetic person.
Type 2 diabetes generally affects adults, but it is now being seen growing rapidly in young Indians too.
Due to diabetes, young people are suffering from the risk of kidney damage and cardiovascular disease as well as the risk of complications that can put the life in jeopardy.
The major factor behind young people suffering from diabetes in the country is the problem of having bad lifestyle, for example - having junk food which causes obesity and inactivity. Not taking care of themselves, not taking treatment on time, and not following doctor’s advice. It can became fatal for people because it can worsen the conditions at a relatively young age.
There is a general belief among people that type 2 diabetics do not need insulin and let them believe that it will not harm them. However, this idea is lethargic. In this situation, urgent treatment and management are needed. The point to note is that there are no visible symptoms in young people with type 2 diabetes. If some are visible, they are usually mild but in most cases gradually develops, which involves excessive thirst and frequent urination.If the elder people of the house follows a good lifestyle, it can be inspirational for the youth to follow their foot-steps. Such changes can help a young person to lose weight and eat healthily. This can help finding better options for drinking, which reduces the possibility of developing type-2 diabetes. It is true for the family who are already suffering from diabetes problems.
Here are some of the suggestions:
– Choose healthy food instead gulping junk waste.– Take a walk at every day and gradually increase the pace with time.– Talk about the health and risks of diabetes and heart disease with your family.– If you smoke, take the initiative to leave it.– Change your lifestyle and be the inspiration for your family and for the future generations, to reduce the risk of diabetes and its complications.
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