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The present generation hates being governed by rules and regulations. We like to live our life on our terms and conditions. We just hate when someone tries to forcefully impose their ideas on us and when it comes to freedom we hardly care about norms because breaking the norms is our norm. We are not afraid to smash those boundaries of restrictions whenever possible.

These habits of present generation clearly demonstrate how it has defied what earlier beliefs.

1. Early to bed, early to rise makes the man healthy, wealthy and wise. This is what our ears have listened to since childhood but the younger generation ironically does quite contrary things.

2. Our parents have had this habit of having a bath in the morning and then eat after that but we are pretty cool in eating before bathing especially on our weekends.

3. It is normal for us to go somewhere without having a bath. I remember my hostel days, waking up late was an everyday thing. So skipping bath was the only option left to reach the entry timings.

4. Well, our parents suggest us to remain active, do some work and quite often you must also have faced the scolding from your parents for being lazy every time.

5. We like to live life on our terms and conditions and doing that makes us happy and satisfied.

6. Don’t just sit down before changing clothes; this is what you might have heard from parents. Isn’t it?

7. When our parents wake us from sleep just for breakfast it is probably the most irritating thing because we just hate when someone disturbs our sleep.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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