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If you are looking for some inspiration, it is good. But if you are fetching some good styling rules to flaunt the best, then I must say you are on the wrong track. This will only lead you to forget about your real style. As fashion as no rules, so you also don’t have to follow any rules. And this is not just a saying, it is a fact in the fashion industry.

I can show you this though Gigi Hadid’s styles.

Gigi Hadid is not a rule follower when it comes to her style by any means. She always keeps it simple and applies no rule, she wears whatever she wants to wear, and rest follow her style. Gigi Hadid is using this technique for a long time now. Recently, during Paris fashion week, she was relying on a comfortable look, ditching all her cut-out dresses and high heels. She chose to wear comfortable turtle neck top, over-sized blazer and skinny jean, instead of going with expected black shoer, she broke the so-called rule and went in another direction by choosing knee-high brown Western boots.

So, it is completely ok to ‘mistake’ is fashion, because of there no rule in fashion. If you walk with the sense in the fashion industry, you will look classy, and stylish but you will look unable to bring the change or unable to give birth to a new fashion.

Experimenting is fashion in the right sense. But yes avoid looking like an alien, or going for the experiment as Lady Gaga is famous for. Instead, you can bring out your inner self out through this.

To be fashionable and you don’t need to break rules, because remember there is- NO RULES.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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