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If you haven’t been using the primers before applying your make up then you are really missing out something very important. Whether you wear a full coverage makeup or like to keep it simple with BB or CC cream and a tinted lip balm, still makeup primer is an important tool when trying to combat shine or create a smooth base for foundation.

Yet many people often skip the step and apply their foundation or makeup base directly on the base. Most of us even believe that they don’t really need it or think that it is not worth spending money. However, using the primer before applying the makeup will tell you some different story. Your makeup won’t melt down in summer, it will stay for a longer time and show so many other benefits of it. Scroll down to read why we love primers and why our relationship with it is so strong.

Makeup primer is a base for the foundation of face makeup that allows your makeup to go smoother.

You can buy the formula easily from the market or from the online in cream, gel and powder form. While moisturizer softens the skin and make sure that your skin won’t feel dry. The makeup experts point out that on the other hand primer prepares skin for your favorite foundation, giving it a base to hold it for longer period of time.

If you have large pores, fine line or wrinkles, primer helps to smooth that all. You can also find the primer which will work as color corrector as well, look out for the green primer because light green color cancels out the redness.

Primers prevent creasing, around the eyes, around the lip area and the area where our smile lines form. It prevents our makeup look cakey and at the same time never let the makeup products harm our skin.

Author-Simran Bhatnagar

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