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Anyone can walk into their local Best Buy or hop onto Amazon for the latest camera they would want. A ton of people can actually do that. However having a wonderful, professional-quality camera does not make you a good photographer. If you also want to be a photographer and you believe the same you absolutely have no idea about it.

Taking photos can be your absolute favourite thing to do but if you want to be a good photographer you need to discover new settings to try out even if you are inevitably frustrated with.

Here are some of the common beliefs about photography which are absolutely wrong.

1. People mostly associate photographers with the person taking photos at the wedding. There is a diverse range of photography which involves wildlife photography, product photography, nature photography and so on.

2. With the rise of a ubiquitous good quality mobile camera it is a common belief that anyone can do photography, however good photography requires a rare perspective which everyone does not possess.

3. Having a good DSLR makes you a good photographer is the biggest myth. To be a good photographer you need to have a lot more than a good quality camera.

4. If you think doing a professional photography course from the good institute will make you a good photographer then you are highly mistaken because practising with the out-of-the-box perspective is the key to be a good photographer.

5. Being a photographer is not at all easy. You have to passionate enough to click one good photograph in difficult hilly terrains, surviving without food and rest.

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
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