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When you say How are you twice to the same person
So you see a friend, "Hey how are you?!" "Oh great how are you?" "I'm good! How are you?".
When you feel you recognize the other person on the road and they ignore you.
You think you see someone you know so you start calling his/her name and waving in public, but they look at you like you're absolutely insane because they aren't who you thought they were. And you feel like an idiot.
The funny hassle of avoiding the Juke Walk
This is the most awkward situation. You’re walking down the sidewalk toward someone and get closer, but you neither of you move out of the way so you're forced to juke to the side. But then it keeps happening, and you engage in some awkward laughter with a stranger.
When you stare at someone and they stare back.
When you’re staring at someone, most probably your crush, and they catch you and you really have no idea what to do so you probably smile awkwardly. And then it probably happens again.
When you are bad at Maths
This is just cringe-worthy. When you pay the bill and the cashier returns you the change. But you are not good at maths and you look at the cashier like an idiot while counting the change on your fingers.
When you feel you know the person but you don't remember his/her name.
When you meet someone after so long and that someone is very friendly but you don’t even remember his/her name. You are like who the hell are you but you anyways smile and nod.
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