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Hardy Amies quotes it right ” A man should look as if he had bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care, and then forgotten all about them”. The new clothing vogue 2019 covers all the aspect of a man’s look with comfort, swag, and nostalgia from the ’90s.

Skinny has been ruling the industry since years now but it seems like comfort has been on the top of the list with a little loose, oversized but in style clothes along with a few accessories and a good pair of sneakers.

Denim along with the man’s best friend “light-mid wash” and the very popular distressed also brings in the magic of the ’90s with straight legged light wash jeans through the slim, skinny and spray on fits rock star denim paired with oversized tees are not to be forgotten to get that perfect and manly v-shape.

The tiny bum skinner short shorts in retro, tie-dye and solid colors will also make their place in the spring fashion.

This 2019 spring is just not it without the chambray comfy shirts, retro and bold color blocking round necks and oversized, vintage, versatile polo necks which are all perfect for a Friday party or a comfy casual Sunday.

Not to leave comfort aside, sneakers come by your side. The 2018 buzz makers “chunky sneakers” are still in the buzz with new textured and the always right whites. With sneakers blending in with casuals and formals it doesn’t seem to be leaving the rage soon.

Accessories being the essential part of the outfit is a combo of both swag and nostalgia. The black beaded bracelets with a metallic touch and the vintage watches make a style statement for all. leather bands with sleek silver chains are just right to rock your casual outfit on any day.

This 2019 spring fashion has it all from style to comfort, bold to elegant with the never forgotten trend from the 90’s making a man live in them.

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