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What is the difference between an ordinary outfit and a look? While we all put together outfits on an everyday basis, it is not uncommon to feel like your outfit is missing something. You could be wearing something truly extraordinary, but when you look at yourself in the mirror, it does not seem to look that out of the ordinary. What makes this difference? The answer is the accessories. Accessories are your ultimate weapon when it comes to slaying looks. They are an often-overlooked wardrobe essential that can take a basic outfit to a banger look in a heartbeat. We have a list of accessories that everyone needs in their arsenal and could make more use of. Let’s get started.

Skinny belts look great over dresses and rompers, especially the vibrant colored, glamorous metallic and fabulous shimmery ones. Medium-width belts are staples that can be worn every day. For added variety, you can always play with interesting textures and colors for a unique twist such as Braided belts, with funky prints, ones with intricate designing, or cute buckles. Chunky wide belts might seem intimidating, but they are actually super mod and trendy. Perfect for cinching and defining your waist, you can sport wide belts over anything oversized and voluminous like an oversized coat, a large sweater or a puffy dress.

Shoes have been termed the ultimate accessory and rightly so. Shoes are an incremental part of any outfit. Every look calls for a particular type of shoe. For formal attire, for men, classic oxford shoes are the safest bet, and for women, a pair of statement heels make the right impression. For work, men can sport anything from oxfords to derby shoes to brogues whereas for women, a sleek pair of pumps is the best way to go. As for casual settings, there are no rules. From heels to loafers to sandals to flats to sneakers to boots; whatever fits your fancy.

Scarves are incredibly versatile. Available in an endless array of fabrics, prints, colors, and textures, when it comes to scarves, there really is no limit. While some may think scarves are only fitting for the colder months, in reality, scarves can be sported all year round, styled in an infinite number of ways. Add a fun pop of color to you monotone ensemble with a vibrant scarf or by pair your scarf with your shoes for a more cohesive look. Drape your scarf on your shoulders, wrap it around your neck or wear it around your head, the best part about styling scarves is that each style is incredibly unique and flatters one and flatters all. Depending on the style that vibes with your personal aesthetic, you can style your scarf accordingly.

Who doesn’t need a bag? How else is one supposed to carry their essentials in one place? A classic tote bag is the safest bet for anyone from any walk of life. It is versatile, it is chic, and it is spacious enough to store all your daily must-have items. Plus, they often come with two straps which enable them to be worn as a cross body bag as well. For everyday wear, a classic leather tote bag will meet all your needs. For those amongst us who are looking for more space, a messenger bag is a way to go. Whether you wish to keep your laptop, your books or other important files along with other items, messenger bags are accommodating yet super chic and elegant that looks great with every outfit.

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