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As summer is here, having a pool in your own backyard is probably the easiest way to keep cool during those unbearable heats. Regardless of whether you want to build a new pool or just change the look of your existing one, here are some fantastic ideas for you to consider.

Dress up your above-ground pool

If you are looking for an option that will not make you break the bank, you can consider adding an above-ground pool. Some people think that these pools will ruin the aesthetics of their yard, but there are so many ways to turn it into a beautiful focal point. For example, you can plant flowers, shrubs and trees around it to hide the structural elements. Moreover, being surrounded by nature will definitely make you feel more relaxed. Another approach you can take is plastering some bricks or natural stone on the side of the pool or even around it. In addition, you can also build a wooden deck around the pool which can hide the side of the pool and give it a homey feel. Don’t forget to install lights around the swimming area, both for safety and ambiance.

Make it look natural

In case a few plants around the pool are not enough to spark that natural vibe in your yard, there are many other ways to take it up a notch. For instance, you can make it look like a pond. Including various rocks and gravel around it, as well as plants such as lotus and waterlilies, can create a great natural environment. Additionally, you can even enhance the atmosphere by adding a waterfall to your pond. The sound of running water can be very calming and will definitely improve the appeal of your space.

Create a lounging area

Sometimes, the pool needs no redoing, it’s just the surrounding area that needs to be upgraded. In that case, you have plenty of options. You definitely need a daybed where you can lounge all day. Moreover, think about building an outdoor kitchen as well as adding some dining furniture. Now, seeing as how the sun is scorching on some days, it’s a good idea to set up a shade-providing structure near the pool. High-quality, made-to-measure pool pergolas are great for shielding you from the harmful sun’s rays. You can cover the whole pool or just one part of it, which is great for when you want to stay in the water but avoid getting burnt.

Add a play area

For an athletic family, adding some equipment for playing sports is an amazing way to connect and spend the summer together. You can add a basketball hoop (or two if you have enough space), install some water polo goals or put up a volleyball net. Include everything in case you want to play all of them. If you are avid swimmers, you can opt for a lap pool which will help you stay fit and healthy.

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