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Not only are there numerous ways to spell the same word, but there are hushed letters, accent on certain syllables, and basically a bunch of ways to pronounce the same word and you know if there is change in sound of some word , it might change its meaning tooAfter all, the whole thing is about sounding right in your head until you say it aloud and everyone looks at you and laugh For example, Envelop is pronounced as ' on-ve-lop' as it is a word taken from French, but many times we end up pronouncing it wrong like 'an-vo-lope'.
So every time you order Espresso you end up adding x to it 'Expresso' In India, it's still fine if you are saying it 'Expresso' but if you are traveling to Europe make sure you spell it right.
Every time there is a wedding in your house you keep going for so called "JEWL-ree" shopping but dear your aunties don't know but you should know that correct pronunciation is "JEW-ell-ree," not "JEWL-ree."
If you are from science background it will be a shame if you pronounce this word incorrectly so in order to help you from that we will tell you the correct way to pronounce- It's not "zoo-OLL-oh-gee." It's just "ZOO-loh-gee" (rhymes with "eulogy").
Well, you must have heard this word many times by very renowned people but it's only a few times they pronounce it correctly and it might be you didn't know the correct pronunciation of the word Forte -is actually pronounced "fort," not the commonly used "for-TAY."
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