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If you love travelling to different countries, it’s high time you memorise these popular words meanings if you don’t want to face any farces on your holiday because there are a lot of words which have a different meaning in different cultures.

1. Preservatives are French for condom:

If you are planning a trip to France and going to a restaurant or a grocery shop, don’t ask about preservatives because if you do that you can expect an embarrassing laugh from the other side, which can automatically be transferred to you because the word Préservatifs means condom in France.

2. Fart means speed in Norway, Denmark or Sweden

Though farting in public is an embarrassing moment in India, the word has a different connotation in a lot of countries. It conveys the ‘speed’ in these countries.

3. Slut means final in Sweden

A derogatory word used for females has a different meaning in Sweden. So if we someone uses this word in Sweden don’t get offended because it means final there.

4. Bra means good in Sweden

One of those words which can’t be spoken aloud in India but don’t worry you can speak it in Sweden because bra means good in Sweden.

5. Crap means Fish Sandwich in Romania

While crap is used to denote something bad in India, ‘Don’t cut the crap out of me’. But if you use crap in Romania you will be handed a fish in Romania.

There are some words. Have a look at them:

Angel means “ Fishing rod” in German

'Bank'' means cough in Dutch

Donkey means butter in Italy

A kiss means pee in Sweden

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Author- Neha Wadhwa
Design Credits- Vikas Kakkar

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