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Being Single is awesome but when people ask annoying questions like why are you still single? Don’t you feel lonely? People say annoying things which you are really tired of hearing. In this situation, what reaction you give to the people? Obviously, you shut them up with sarcasm as you are really annoyed. You are Single by choice! Here are a few annoying questions people ask you if you are happy single:
You’re so handsome, why aren’t you dating anyone?
Because it is not mandatory that I should date someone if I have good looks.
“Are you scared of commitments?”
No, I am scared of the series of questions, you are going to ask me.
“You’re going to die alone”
So What? Akele aaye the akele jayenge!
Do you love someone secretly?
What do you have to do with this? This is secret!
Are You Gay?
Well, In that case I can date a guy!
Why don’t you try Tinder? Bohot badhiya hai
Like seriously!
In reference to your best friend: “You guys look good together! You can thought of dating!”
Thanks but No thanks!
“Don’t you get lonely?”
No, my dog loves me unconditionally.
“Are you gay?”
Why does it matter?
“Arranged marriage karni hai kya?”
kyo koi problem h kya?
“Don’t worry, it will happen soon for you”
Who said I’m looking!
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