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Cricket is a game of quick-fixing. It also has the importance of mental power with physical strength. The understanding of cricket and the way to play makes one player perfect. But there are such players in world cricket, who is also known for his beauty with his game. No part of the world will be such that they will not be "fanless fanfare."
Let's tell you about five fantastic and beautiful cricketers in the world:
David Miller
The South African resemblance of a Hollywood star puts it in a different position in the world because of the scope of the batsman's ability to score runs at his pace. Miller started playing in 2010 from South Africa. Because of their look like James Bond, Miller keeps a good fan down.
Ken Williamson
In the list of beautiful players, we can keep New Zealand Captain Kane at number two. In less time, Ken has made his mark in world cricket. With the game, the 28-year-old player is also in the discussion for his Smartness. Sometimes, crazy fans of Female Fans have been seen for them.
Virat Kohli
It may not be the name of Indian cricket captain Kohli in this list. As much as Kohli is in the discussion about his game, more than that, he is conscious of his physical physics. If Kohli is called the world's most fit player at this time, there will be no exaggeration. Kohli married Bollywood star Anushka Sharma in 2018. But there is no dearth of this in his fan frowning. Even England's female cricket player Daniel Vett has also offered to marry Kohli.
Joe Root
It seems that cricket boards keep the captain's simplicity with the game while making the captain. Root is currently the captain of England. Root played his first match against India in 2012. With root England, fans around the world keep ringing. If the root is called the cutest player then it will not be wrong.
Glenn Maxwell
The 30-year-old Maxwell is also in the discussion outside the field with the cricket grounds. Maxwell will play in any part of the world and come here to see them. Both Betting and Balling do for Maxwell Australia. Female fan owning to is too much for them.
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