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Have you ever known a couple that you think fit perfect for the title of – “Mad for each other”? Ifyou're in a relationship and wonder what it takes to grow so much into each other, here is what ittakes - work. Every relationship takes endless and constant efforts.
1. Sleep Together
We are not talking about having sex every night. All you have to do is make sure you don't sleepangry. In case you've had a fight, make it a habit to talk it over it before you sleep at night. Goodcouples make sure they don't stretch a fight till the next day, one day one fight rule.
2. Take Walks Together
Walking with your loved one helps you connect with them deeper. You'll be surprised to know howthe conversations you have during your walks will bring you two closer to each other.
3. Make Them Feel Special
We all crave for love, we all crave for caring. Even though we love someone, we often forget to showthem. If we don't make someone feel special, ultimately they will stop doing things to make us feelwonderful, and All seems to go downhill from there.
4. Make Time
Long-term couples always make it a habit to stay in touch with each other. If you've already startedmaking excuses in your head after reading this point, it's a sign you need to bring a change.
5. Be Best Friends
You need to welcome their opinions. You might not always agree with them, which is perfectly fine,but you need to make your relationship a loving place where they feel safe to share their thoughts.
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